A warm Kiwi welcome

A warm Kiwi welcome

For over 70 years our family owned business has been fueling Kiwis.
We keep the wheels turning with our total solutions across fuel supply, on-site supply, storage, lubricants, solvents and cleaning products.

All with a total commitment to excellent service and long term relationships.
We aim to keep traveling for another 70 years.
If you’d like to join the journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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Waitomo Stories

Waitomo stirs up Wellington fuel prices

Waitomo has entered the Wellington fuel market, with the opening of their Upper Hutt Fuel Stop.
As the region’s only low-cost operator, Waitomo’s entry brings much-needed competition and choice to the capital, where Kiwis have been paying some of New Zealand’s highest fuel prices.
As part of its national network expansion plans, the Hamilton-based fuel supplier will open a second Wellington site in Tinakori by mid-July.
Waitomo Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby says opening in Wellington marks an important milestone for the 100 percent Kiwi-owned and operated business.
“We’ve sure stirred things up with our arrival. Motorists down here have been hurting at the pump for too long, and we’re stoked to put that right,” Mr Ormsby says.
“From the huge response we’ve had, you can tell what this means to Upper Hutt motorists. Not bad for a small Waikato third-generation family business to be Wellington’s petrol price disruptor.”
Located at 1066 Fergusson Drive, the unmanned 24-hour Fuel Stop will offer retail and commercial customers Unleaded 91, Premium 95, and Diesel. GoClear, a diesel exhaust fluid, is also available to diesel vehicle users.
As with all new Waitomo Fuel Stops, the pumps on site are fitted with vapour recovery technology, a system not widely used in New Zealand that sucks petrol vapour that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere back into the pump.
To mark the opening, kaumatua from Ōrongomai Marae blessed the site at 11am, followed by the official opening at 12pm, including Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy. The winner of Waitomo’s “fill up on us” competition was the first to fuel up, and take away $1,000 in free fuel.
“My grandfather would be a proud man. More than 70 years on, we’re still what we’ve always been – Kiwis fueling Kiwis with fairer prices. That’s our everyday low Waitomo price.”
Further fuel stops are currently under construction in central Wellington (Tinakori) and New Plymouth (Otaka) and will open in July. Waitomo has also announced it’ll open a Christchurch site later this year, delivering long-awaited price competition down south.
Waitomo has been overwhelmed by the welcome we have been receiving from the Upper Hutt community.  Jimmy and the team wanted to say a massive thank you for all the support from our opening, it is moving to know we are making a difference to Kiwis by offering our every day low Waitomo price.

Upper Hutt Fuel Stop – 1066 Fergusson Drive, offers Unleaded 91, Premium 95, Diese and GoClear.  Accepts EFTPOS, credit card and our Waitomo Fuel Card.

Tinakori Fuel Stop – opening in July – 24-26 Hutt Road, offers Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Diesel.  Accepts EFTPOS, credit card and our Waitomo Fuel Card.

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Waitomo heads west to Taranaki

10 April 2019

In response to growing Kiwi demand for low-cost fuel, Hamilton-based fuel supplier Waitomo Group has confirmed it will open a Waitomo Fuel Stop in New Plymouth.

Waitomo Group Chief Operating Officer Simon Parham said the Waitomo team is pumped to announce its sixth new site for 2019 will be up and running by mid-July .

“There’s no slowing down for our team this year, as we roll out our national network expansion plans. Following our openings in Rotorua, Papamoa and Hamilton Central in the last 3 months, we’re now focused on causing some disruption out west with our first New Plymouth Fuel Stop now under construction.”

“We’re pushing hard to get this site open as soon as possible, so we hope to have the tanks in the ground before Easter. We’re working with closely with Ngāti Te Whiti, and are grateful to have their support on site during the construction phase.”

The Waitomo price has led to greater price competition in the areas where the company operates.

“Waitomo offers the lowest price we can every day, at all our sites – that’s our Waitomo price. Kiwis want more competition and choice in the fuel market, so we’re happy to remedy that.”

“Taranaki deserves to benefit from our Waitomo price, just like other areas where we operate,” says Mr Parham.

Located on Breakwater Road, the new Fuel Stop will offer retail and commercial customers Unleaded 91, Premium 95, Diesel and GoClear. Waitomo also operates two Diesel Stops in the Taranaki area (Bell Block and Waitara).

The family-owned and operated Kiwi business has been shaking things up within the fuel industry and has no plans to slow down its ambitious expansion any time soon.

“We’ll be hitting the capital like a hurricane when we open our first Fuel Stops in Upper Hutt and Wellington in the next few weeks. Wellingtonians – who’ve been paying some of the highest fuel prices in New Zealand for some time – can expect us to cause a stir.”

Waitomo’s first mainland site, in central Christchurch, will open before the end of the year, and the company is also actively looking for new sites in other regions.

Established in Te Kuiti more than 70 years ago by Desmond Ormsby, Waitomo Group now has over 60 sites stretching from Paihia in the north and as far south as Foxton.

Waitomo continues to deliver – cheaper fuel coming to the South Island

13th December 2018

Hamilton-based fuel supplier Waitomo Group has today confirmed it will open a Waitomo Fuel Stop in central Christchurch next year, cementing its ambition to deliver long-awaited price competition in the South Island.

Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby said the Kiwi family-owned and operated business believed motorists in the South Island deserved a fairer deal.  “And that’s what we do, provide fuel at the lowest price we can – the Waitomo price.”

Waitomo Group had identified the South Island, where fuel prices are significantly higher than those in the North Island, as key to its expansion plans.

“Kiwis have been hurting at the pump, especially in areas where Waitomo doesn’t operate,” says Mr Ormsby.  “That’s certainly the case for Mainlanders, where motorists are still missing out on the benefits of the price competition we’ve been driving.  “Put simply, we believe Kiwis deserve a fair price no matter where they live.”

Established in Te Kuiti more than 70 years ago by Desmond Ormsby, Waitomo Group now has more than 50 fuel stops stretching from Paihia in the north and as far south as Foxton. It recently announced that it would open a station next year in Wellington, which, like the South Island, has borne the brunt of higher fuel prices.

The Christchurch station will mark the first stage of Waitomo’s move into the South Island.  “We’ve started the process to secure a site in central Christchurch and we hope to be pumping fuel by the end of 2019. More competition and fairer fuel prices are on the way. In the meantime, we’re continuing to identify other sites in the South Island where we believe we can establish ourselves and continue disrupting New Zealand’s retail fuel market.”

Waitomo Group’s South Island fuel supply will come from Mobil’s Lyttelton and Woolston terminals, says Mr Ormsby.  “We’ve got the supply lines sorted and all the service providers are in place to support the new fuel stop. It’s full-steam ahead in Christchurch.”