A warm Kiwi welcome

A warm Kiwi welcome

Since 1947, our 100-percent Kiwi, family-owned and operated business has been fueling Kiwis across New Zealand. Whether you own a business, or just need to fuel up your vehicle, we have the solution for you. Based in the heart of the Waikato in Hamilton, we operate more than 65 Fuel Stops and Diesel Stops stretching from Paihia to the Christchurch. Market disruptors, we deliver competition and choice to Kiwi motorists.

We also provide bulk fuel supply, onsite diesel supply and fuel and oil storage solutions. Our Waitomo Fuel Cards give Kiwi businesses’ access to tailored commercial rates or our pump price – whichever is lowest.

Seventy years on, we’re proud to be serving our Kiwi customers with the same formula we always have – great people, top performance and a fairer price for your fuel.

If you’d like to join our journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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With our Waitomo Fuel Card, you’ll get easy, regular and reliable access to our fuel network, at a great price, no matter where your business takes you.

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You ask – and we’ll deliver

In response to popular demand, we’re stoked to announce Amex and JCB credit cards are now accepted at all our Waitomo Fuel Stops.  Being able to offer more Kiwis our everyday low Waitomo price is what we’re all about.

Using our payment terminals

We’re proud to be a low-cost fuel supplier, keeping our overheads low with outdoor payment terminals.  If you’re new to our Waitomo Fuel Stops, check out our how-to guide to using our pay n’ pump systems to help you fuel up faster.

Our innovative EV partnership

Working in partnership with Waikato electricity distributor WEL Networks, we’ve installed our first rapid electric vehicle (EV) charger on a Waitomo Fuel Stop.
Located on our Mystery Creek Fuel Stop, the charger is compatible with any electric vehicle and quick to use. Customers can charge their EV for free from low to 80 per cent battery in around 20 minutes. – compared to a standard charger which takes around four hours.
Waitomo Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby says it makes sense that two innovative Waikato business support each other.
“While some might see EV vehicles as competition to our fuel business, we simply see it as complimentary.  Often EV drivers have a second car for longer distance journeys.  We’re all about offering Kiwis competition and choice, and by installing an EV charger, we can make Waitomo a one-stop Fuel Stop for all their needs.”
Installation of the rapid charger has been partly funded through an Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority grant to grow WEL’s electric vehicle network, which now stretches across the Waikato from Hamilton to Hampton Downs, Te Kauwhata and Raglan.
“WEL’s a great Waikato business that’s passionate about supporting communities in the Waikato region like Waitomo, so if we can support them with their EV strategy, we’re stoked to be able to do that.”
With our fast-expanding national network of Fuel Stops, there are opportunities to install more EV chargers at Waitomo sites in the future.