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Waitomo drives Auckland petrol price down below $2

12th December 2018

Hamilton-based fuel supplier Waitomo Group has dropped its prices across all its fuel stops, with Unleaded 91 petrol now less than $2 a litre in Auckland, despite the regional fuel tax.

From midday today, Waitomo is selling Unleaded 91 at $1.999 a litre, Premium 95 at $2.129 a litre and Diesel at $1.399 a litre at all its Auckland Waitomo fuel stops. Even with the regional fuel tax, that drops the price of Unleaded 91 below $2 in Auckland for the first time since June.

Outside of Auckland, Waitomo is selling Unleaded 91 at $1.899 a litre, Premium 95 at $2.029 a litre and Diesel at $1.299, the lowest prices seen on the streets for some time.

Waitomo Group Manging Director Jimmy Ormsby said with Christmas just around the corner Waitomo wanted to put money back in Kiwi’s pockets.

“As a 100 per cent Kiwi-owned and operated, third generation family business, we want to deliver Kiwis a fairer deal. If our competitive Waitomo price can spread a bit of Christmas joy to other Kiwis, then we’re stoked to be able to do that.”

Waitomo’s low-price fuel offering has led to greater price competition in the areas it operates, and the company has plans for further expansion.

Development of three new fuel stops has recently been announced in Wellington, Papamoa and Rotorua, with other announcements likely soon.

“Waitomo’s disruption of the market isn’t stopping anytime soon,” says Mr Ormsby.

“There are many other places in New Zealand, especially in the South Island, that are still missing out. That’s not fair and it’s not the Kiwi way.”

“Our Waitomo price is a fair deal for all Kiwis, and we’ll keep delivering that.”

Established in Te Kuiti more than 70 years ago by Desmond Ormsby, Waitomo Group now has more than 50 fuel stops stretching from Paihia in the north and as far south as Foxton.