Nau mai, haere mai. A warm Kiwi welcome to Waitomo

A warm Kiwi welcome

Since 1947, our 100-percent Kiwi, family-owned and operated business has been fueling Kiwis across New Zealand. Whether you own a business, or just need to fuel up your vehicle, we have the solution for you. Based in the heart of the Waikato in Hamilton, we operate more than 65 Fuel Stops and Diesel Stops stretching from Paihia to the Christchurch. Market disruptors, we deliver competition and choice to Kiwi motorists.

We also provide bulk fuel supply, onsite diesel supply and fuel and oil storage solutions. Our Waitomo Fuel Cards give Kiwi businesses’ access to tailored commercial rates or our pump price – whichever is lowest.

Seventy years on, we’re proud to be serving our Kiwi customers with the same formula we always have – great people, top performance and a fairer price for your fuel.

If you’d like to join our journey, we’d love to hear from you.

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Waitomo stories

Waitomo makes immediate impact on South Island fuel prices

Waikato-based fuel supplier Waitomo has delivered on its promise to keep South Island fuel prices honest with the opening of three new Fuel Stops today.

Two of the new Fuel Stops are in Dunedin and the third is in Christchurch. Waitomo also operates a Fuel Stop in Fitzgerald Ave in Christchurch and will open its third site in Cranford St, to the north of the city, later this year.

A market disruptor and 100-percent Kiwi-owned, Waitomo delivers competition and choice to motorists wherever it operates.

Commenting on the South Island expansion Waitomo Group Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby said: “To be honest, we were compelled to enter the South Island market by the behaviour of our competitors. The majors and the independents have all been cashing in on higher margins in Wellington and the South Island for years.

“Long-term, this was never going to be sustainable – and high margins attract competition. The Prime Minister spoke out about Kiwis in the South Island and Wellington being fleeced, and the Commerce Commission’s retail fuel study findings supported this view too.

“We entered the Wellington market over 12 months ago and prices have dropped by up to 30 cents. As soon as we announced we were coming to Christchurch a year ago prices also dropped instantly. Now we’re seeing the same behaviour from our competitors in Dunedin – we reckon an 8-cent drop since our announcement.

“Across all these markets, we’re talking about millions of dollars in savings – dollars that will stay in Kiwi pockets and not oil company pockets.

“That’s good – it shows that competition is alive and well. We’re really proud of the impact we’re making as a small Kiwi business – and Kiwis are getting behind us. They like that we’re walking the talk,” Mr Ormsby said.

“We may be a small engine, but we’re certainly punching above our weight in the fuel market, driving competition before we’ve even opened.

“With the passing of the Fuel Industry Bill expected later this week, the industry is in for a reset. The Government is putting in place checks and balances to ensure the market remains competitive and reduce the risk that small companies like Waitomo aren’t squeezed out of the market.

“We’re fired up about what the future holds for us. Waitomo is well-placed to keep punching above its weight, delivering fair fuel prices to Kiwis,” Mr Ormsby said.

All three unmanned Fuel Stops will offer retail and commercial customers Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Diesel and accept accept app payment, EFTPOS and credit cards.

Available on the Google Play and Apple stores, Waitomo’s new app offers contactless payment, gifting and the chance to spin to win with every fuel-up of $20 or more.

To celebrate, Waitomo’s special opening prices at all three new sites for 48 hours from Wednesday 10am, until Friday 10am are: Unleaded 91 at $1.679 a litre, Premium 95 $1.799 a litre and Diesel $0.859 a litre.

Customers will also be welcomed on site with food, drink and other giveaways.

Eastgate Fuel Stop – 1 Wharf Street, Dunedin – offers Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Diesel.  Accepts EFTPOS, credit card and our Waitomo Fuel Card.

Northgate Fuel Stop – 907 Cumberland Street, Dunedin – offers Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Diesel.  Accepts EFTPOS, credit card and our Waitomo Fuel Card.

Woolston Fuel Stop – 619 Ferry Road, Christchurch – offers Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Diesel.  Accepts EFTPOS, credit card and our Waitomo Fuel Card.

Fuel market disruptor Waitomo announces 5th South Island Fuel Stop

Hot on the heels of its three new South Island sites opening next week, Waikato-based fuel supplier Waitomo has announced plans to open a third Christchurch site this year.

The 100-percent Kiwi company already has one Fuel Stop on Fitzgerald Avenue in central Christchurch and will open its Woolston Fuel Stop next Wednesday. The third site will be based in Cranford Street, to the north of the city. Two Fuel Stops in Dunedin will also open next week.

Waitomo Group Managing Director Jimmy Ormsby says today’s announcement cements Waitomo’s position in the South Island market.

“Having disrupted the North Island market with our fairer fuel prices, our sights are now firmly set on delivering Kiwis competition and choice in the South Island fuel market,” he said.

“Kiwi families and businesses down South have suffered from price gouging for over a decade, because of a lack of competition. The same was happening in Wellington and we shook that up with our arrival in the capital.

“For sure, pricing has recently become more competitive in the South Island, but only after Waitomo announced our first site in Christchurch. We are committed to extending our network in the South Island to give Kiwis a fair price for fuel, and our presence will keep our competitors honest.”

“In Wellington, our impact was immediate. The market came down to meet us and Wellingtonians are now paying 20-30 cents a litre less than what they were before Waitomo opened up. We are stoked to be reducing the cost of fuel so Kiwis can save their money and spend it on other things they need – like food and power.

“I’m really proud of what we have achieved in Wellington – it shows what a difference a small Kiwi company can make up against the big oil companies, and Kiwis have really got in behind us and supported what we’re doing.”

Along with its new South Island sites, Waitomo operates over 65 Fuel Stops and Diesel Stops in the North Island, stretching from Paihia to Wellington.

Commercial customers who sign up for a Waitomo Fuel Card or bulk supply benefit from tailored commercial rates, or the pump price – whichever is better. Retail customers can use Waitomo’s app for easy contactless payment and the chance to spin to win for prizes.

Mr Ormsby says the third-generation family business’ model is simple.

“We stick to the same formula my grandfather and father both used for more than 70 years when they ran the business. Great people delivering Kiwis a fair price for fuel, and reinvesting in the business to make sure it is sustainable for the long-term. It’s simple – but it works,” Mr Ormsby said.

Located at 311 Cranford St, the 24 / 7 unmanned Fuel Stop will offer Unleaded 91, 95 and Diesel with app, credit card, EFTPOS and Waitomo Fuel Card payment.

Breaking news!  Our wicked new app has landed!

Everyone could do with some good news right now, so the Waitomo team are super-stoked to announce our wicked new app has landed.  It’s packed with heaps of cool features you’re gonna be chuffed about, including:

  • Contactless payment from your vehicle – link a card, select your pump and fuel grade from your vehicle and get pumping.
  • Earn koha the more you spend – each time you spend $20 or more you’ll unlock the chance to spin to win and by banking every buck you spend in a calendar month to reach $150, you’ll unlock a scratchie for your chance to win even more.
  • Share the love with gifting – gift Waitomo Moolah to your mates and whanau in need of a tank top-up (like an e-gift card).
  • Find your nearest Waitomo – a map or list view showing our expanding network of Fuel Stops available for paying from your vehicle.

Head to the Apple or Google Play store to download it now.

Using our payment terminals

We’re proud to be a low-cost fuel supplier, keeping our overheads low with outdoor payment terminals.  If you’re new to our Waitomo Fuel Stops, check out our how-to guide to using our pay n’ pump systems to help you fuel up faster.