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We're for fairer fuel prices

As market disruptors, we offer competition and choice to Kiwis wherever we operate. Because our Fuel Stops are unmanned, without a retail offering, our overheads are low. And we pass those savings on to our customers.

We have clean, convenient and easy to use self-service fuel stations.

Why use Waitomo?

Since 1947, our 100-percent Kiwi, family-owned and operated business has been fueling Kiwis across New Zealand. Whether you own a business, or just need to fuel up your vehicle, we have the solution for you. Based in the heart of the Waikato in Hamilton, we operate more than 95 Fuel Stops and Diesel Stops stretching from Paihia to Gore. Market disruptors, we deliver competition and choice to Kiwi motorists.

We also provide bulk fuel supply, onsite diesel supply and fuel and oil storage solutions. Our Waitomo Fuel Cards give Kiwi businesses’ access to tailored commercial rates or our pump price – whichever is lowest.

Over 75 years later, we’re proud to be serving our Kiwi customers with the same formula we always have – great people, top performance and a fairer price for your fuel.

About Waitomo

How to use our Fuel Stops

We’re proud to be a low-cost fuel supplier, keeping our overheads low with outdoor payment terminals. If you’re new to our Waitomo Fuel Stops, check out our how-to guide to using our pay n’ pump systems to help you fuel up faster.

Fuel up with contactless payment

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Our wicked Waitomo app is packed with heaps of cool features you’re gonna be chuffed about:

  • Contactless payment from your vehicle.
  • Earn koha the more you spend – spin and scratch to win BIG fuel savings.
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Questions? Look here.

Who is Waitomo?

100-percent Kiwi, third-generation, family-owned and operated, Waitomo's been proudly fueling Kiwis for over 75 years.

Where are your sites located?

Our fast-expanding network stretches from Paihia in the north, and as far south as Gore.

Our Fuel Stops cater to all types of commercial vehicles, with large forecourts, 24/7 pay n' pump terminals and specialist vapour recovery technology.  Many of our Diesel Stops also operate 24/7.

Find your nearest Waitomo here.

What payment options are available?

Payment options at our Fuel Stops vary depending on the site, and include: Waitomo Fuel Card, EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, CardSmart and FarmSource.

Plus, contactless payment is available with our Waitomo and Waitomo Commercial app.

Check out our Fuel Stop Finder for cards accepted at each site.

Do you accept Mobilcard?

Mobil determines what payment options are available at Mobil sites.  A few of our sites accept Mobilcard, but the majority of our Fuel Stops do not.

My bank accounts showing $150 payment, but I didn't fill up that much?

Our sites are unmanned, so your bank applies a pre-authorisation as a pending transaction.  This is held by your bank, not Waitomo.

Once your bank processes your transaction, the temporary hold will be released back into your account, and the amount for your fuel purchase will remain.

This process can take from 3-10 business days, depending on your card issuer.

To reduce the hold from the default $150 'fill' amount, pre-select the pump for a lower amount.

We recommend you contact your bank's Merchant Service Department and ask them to process your transaction and release the hold back into your account.

Why can you charge lower for fuel than your competitors?

We offer our low Waitomo price because we're a low-cost operator.  Our overheads are low - we don't have big head offices, or offer other retail services like food and coffee. 

What fuel do you offer?

We supply Unleaded 91, Premium 95 and Diesel, with GoClear (Diesel exhaust fluid) available at select sites.

Check out our Fuel Stop Finder to see fuel types available at each site.

What's your current price for fuel?

Our price is displayed on our price signs.  Or, you check fuel prices anywhere in the country via Gaspy.

What is the Waitomo price?

We bring competition and choice to Kiwis where we operate.

We deliver our everyday low Waitomo price.  This is the fairest price we can offer, while ensuring our business remains sustainable.

Do you add anything to your fuel so you can charge us less for it?

Our fuel is supplied by Mobil and then delivered to Waitomo customers at our everyday low Waitomo price.

We don't blend any ethanol or other additives into our fuel.

What are your Wash and Glow carwashes?

Our Wash and Glow carwashes are touch-free, using only soap, water and air, and no brushes, meaning they're better for vehicles.

Our Wash and Glow carwashes are designed to look like our very own 'glow worm cave' so look pretty cool.