Q. Who can use the Waitomo Commercial app?

A. The Waitomo Commercial app has been developed for Waitomo customers who have a fuel card account with Waitomo and want a “contactless” payment option at Waitomo Fuel Stops. Waitomo Fuel Cards and Waitomo co-branded Mobilcards can be linked to the commercial app.

Q. How do I access the app?

A. The app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store. Simply search “Waitomo Commercial” or find the direct link from our website.

Q. How do I use the app?

A. Download the app to your smart phone. Register by entering your New Zealand mobile number and validating the number via the SMS code we send you. Then simply load your fuel card by entering the card number and PIN.  Then head to your nearest Waitomo Fuel Stop to fill up.  Once at site the app will pick up your location.  Select the pump number and start pumping. When the transaction is completed, we will send a receipt to the email address you provided. All transactions will then appear on the account holders’ invoice statement.  Fuel Card account holders can also view transactions via the online customer portal. If you don’t already have a portal login, or you have any questions, give us a call on 0800 922 123 and we’ll sort things out for you.

Q. I want the app to ….?

A. For now, the Waitomo Commercial app, has been developed to enable a “contactless” payment option for our valued commercial customers. We are planning to include more features and functionality in future releases, so we’d love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see included – send us an email to commercialapp@waitomogroup.co.nz.

Q. Why do I need to register?

A. From time to time, we may need to contact you (using your registered mobile number). We will also share your mobile number with the Waitomo Fuel Card account holder.  You must have the permission of the fuel card account holder before transacting via the app.

Q. Why do you want my email address?

A. We will use the email address to send you a receipt of your fuel transaction. You may choose to send this transaction receipt to your administration team. All transactions will then appear on the account holders invoice statement. 

Q. What cards can I use on the Waitomo Commercial app?

A. You can load any fuel card which carries the Waitomo logo. This includes Waitomo Fuel Cards and Waitomo co-branded Mobilcards. The Waitomo Commercial app is only for use at Waitomo Fuel Stops. It cannot be used at Mobil Service Stations.

Q. I have a Waitomo cobranded fuel card - why can’t I use it at Mobil?

A. The Waitomo Commercial app is available for use at Waitomo Fuel Stops only.  When using your Waitomo co-branded Mobilcard at Mobil or other Mobilcard acceptor locations, you’ll need to use the physical plastic card.

Q. Can I load my fuel card into my app and my partners’ or team mates’ app?

A. Yes – you can load a single fuel card with up to 5 different app user accounts.  So, if you have a fuel card assigned to a vehicle and several people drive that vehicle, they can all load the card into the Waitomo Commercial app on their smart phone. All transactions will then appear on the account holders’ weekly or monthly invoice statement.

Q. Can link more than one fuel card?

A. Yes – you can load up to 5 fuel cards onto an app account.  We’d recommend you personalize the card name so you can easily keep track of your linked cards.

Q. I’m an account owner. How do I know if one of my fuel cards has been loaded to an app?

A. We can send you a report which lists which of your fuel cards have been loaded into a Waitomo Commercial app user account, and the account’s registered mobile number.

Q. Do I need to enter my PIN every time I make a purchase?

A. No, the only time you need to enter the fuel card PIN is when you’re loading that card to the app.

Q. What happens if my fuel card is lost or stolen? Couldn’t someone load it to the Waitomo Commercial app and start using it?

A. No. They would also need the correct PIN to load it in the Waitomo Commercial app and start using it. As always, if your fuel card is lost or stolen, please let us know immediately on 0800 922 123 so we can protect you against any fraudulent transactions.

Q. What happens if I change my PIN?

A. If a PIN has been changed for a fuel card, the user will need to delete the fuel card from the Waitomo Commercial app and reload it with the new PIN. Otherwise the transaction will be declined.

Q. If I use the app, does it still restrict products and card transaction limits?

A. Yes, all transactions will be processed in real-time and all fuel card restrictions will be applied.

Q. What pricing will I get using the Waitomo Commercial app?

A. The same pricing that applies to your fuel card. You’ll never pay more than your tailored commercial rate, or the pump price at our Waitomo Fuel Stops – whichever is best. 

Q. Why do I not need to select a fuel grade, but I do when I use the outdoor payment terminal?

A. We are speeding up the transaction time for you. The pump you select will be authorised for the grades that have been allowed for the loaded card.  When you reach the ‘Pump ready’ screen in the app, it will display the grades available. Simply pick up the correct pump nozzle and start pumping.  If you pick up a nozzle for a restricted fuel grade, the pump will not dispense product.

Q. I’d like to use the Waitomo Commercial app, but I don’t have a Waitomo Fuel Card. Can I apply for one?

A. If you run a GST-registered business you can apply for a Waitomo Fuel Card here. First you’ll need to open a Waitomo account. If you need more information about opening an account with Waitomo, give us a call on 0800 922 123 and we’d be happy to talk you through the application process.