Wiri - now open

Date: 12 Dec 2023

‘Appy Santa’s delivering even more Waitomo ‘appiness to Kiwis in Auckland. Our newest site out at Wiri is pumping.

Located at 250 Roscommon Road, the unmanned 24-hour Fuel Stop will offer customers Unleaded 91, Premium 95, Diesel and GoClear with 10 refueling spots, will offer both retail and commercial fuel solutions, including high-flow Diesel.

Together with Hiringa Energy, we’re working to develop New Zealand’s first nationwide hydrogen refueling network which will be available soon at our Wiri Fuel Stop too.

Payment methods include EFTPOS, credit card, Amex, our Waitomo Fuel Card and in-vehicle payment with our Waitomo and Waitomo Commercial apps.

Plus, when you fuel up with ‘appiness, you'll unlock a spinning wheel with every $20 or more you spend for the chance to score even more rockin’ fuel savings off our everyday low Waitomo price.

We’re stoked to be delivering our everyday low Waitomo prices to more Kiwis in Auckland. Cheers for your support.

Wiri - now open